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Hi, I am Rajinder Soni. My mission is to train 200,000 aspiring as well as experienced writers and help them transform into influential copywriters. I started 2 years ago and I have already trained and added value to the lives and careers of 700 writers.

Maybe it will take me 10 years to reach my goal but I won't stop. There is a famous shloka in Sanskrit from Devi Kavacham, "yam yam chintayate kamam tam tam prapnoti nishchitam". A man becomes what he thinks all day long. The same has been mentioned in all holy books: Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Quran, Guru Granth Sahib, and the same has been actually true and I am standing as a real example in front of you.

If you think you want to become a productive digital writopreneur, you will actually become that. You just need to wish for the thing as if it is already real and focus on your worthwhile goal.

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"Be the best version of yourself"

If you want to be the best version of yourself then join Digital Writopreneurs. I joined Digital Writopreneurs in 2022 to enhance my writing skills. It is a place where I got new opportunities to unleash my hidden talent. Initially, I was not active in this community but in 2022 I joined 21-day atomic writing challenge. I joined but I was not confident enough to post my article publicly but Rajinder sir inspired me to write and post it. Within 3 days of this challenge, I got so much value and personal attention from Rajinder sir that I gained the confidence to post my articles on LinkedIn. I must say that the members of this community are active and help each other. Now I have become the best version of myself in April 2022. Thank you so much Sir for your support, inspiration and constant encouragement.


- Abha Khanna, Teacher, Lakshmi Nagar, New Delhi

"Fun, engaging, and resourceful"

Digital Writopreneurs is the best platform for anyone who wants to start their writing journey. I joined the academy yesterday and attended only one zoom call session on grammar quiz along with the community. I am spellbound by the amount of knowledge and enthusiasm exhibited by Rajinder Soni Sir that I witnessed yesterday. Soni Sir has devised a perfect system to cater to the needs of each and every member of the community. It was fun, engaging, and resourceful. I have benefitted immensely in this one session. Looking forward to learning more from his DW Course and would recommend all the writing aspirants to join the community. I wish you all the best in your future endeavor. I am truly grateful to Rajinder Sir.

- Sheetal Indise, Digital Marketer, Bangalore

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👉Daily Writing Assignments For 21 Days

👉Get Coupon Entry for 7777 INR Flagship Course of Digital Writopreneurs Hub – The 21-Day LinkedIn Atomic Writing and Branding Course for Content Writers in This Exclusive One-Time Package (Offer Valid Until Coupons Last) – You will get one month access to this quickest and most attractive on-the-go writing course.

👉Four Powerful and Interactive MasterMind Sessions (2 Hours) Every Saturday Starting 7:30 PM for 1 Month (Recordings Loaded inside the course in case you miss an event)

👉Bonus Value Surprise Sessions During the Week With Recordings Loaded in the Course

👉An Opportunity to Interact Personally in One-to-One Session with the Chief Writing Coach with Whom you can Discuss all your Problems Related to Writing and Public Speaking

👉Directly Connect with Senior Writopreneurs Who are Earning Decent Income from Writing

👉Understand and Witness the 3-Month Bootcamp Process to Get Live Freelance Writing Clients

👉Get Your 2 Articles of 500 Words Each Edited by the Chief Coach who has 21 Years of Experience

👉Undergo Specialized Grammar and Vocabulary Enhancement Sessions

👉Get LinkedIn Atomic Writing Challenge Certificates After Course Completion

👉Specialized Writers’ Support Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

You can click on Join community, you will be redirected to the registration page. Please fill in your details and pay for the membership. Our community manager, would get in touch with you if there is any issues.

What type of courses you offer?

We have a special Digital Writopreneurs Model Course and certification program that we are offering to aspiring full-time or part-time freelance content writers. The modules include but are not limited to:

1. Freelance content writer's brand building.

2. Online portfolio building to showcase your to-the-point and strategic content in front of clients (samples).

3. Development of Google Authority for freelance content writers.

4. Live editing and developmental writing training.

5. Grammar training.

6. Mindset and goal setting for freelance content writers.

7. Essential software training (grammar, spelling and plagiarism checker).

8. Graphics training for freelance content writers (clients pay you extra money for this, if needed).

9. We also take classes on weekends to give you personalized training in small groups and batches.

I am looking to become a part-time freelance content writer. How your training will help me?

If you want to become a freelance content writer, then you have come to the right place. At DW Hub, not only you you will learn how to write professional quality articles for freelance writing clients but you will also get assistance in connecting with potential verified companies who are happy to pay you for your work.

What are the benefits of the membership?

-You get to interact with fellow aspiring writers. Hence you could make English language buddies.

-Get access to regular practice sessions on writing and public speaking. Attend informative sessions on professional writing techniques.

-Understand the nuances of writing through the content available on the community.-

-Clarify your doubts related to professional writing

-Get regular updates about client connnections, DW writing contests, comment writing contests to make your learning fun.

-Connect with positive and like-minded writers who are open to new ways of learning via interaction and guidance.

I want to know more about the Digital Writopreneurs Hub and Academy, New Delhi

Digital Writopreneurs Hub is a writer's ecosystem which was established in 2019. The hub comprises more than 600 aspiring writers who have received innovative training to excel in the fields of writing and digital marketing industry.

Is it free?

To ensure seriousness and provide a sense of exclusivity to the members, we charge a nominal fee for the membership.

Connect with us.

Connect with us to get more details about the community.