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Weekly Events

Be a part of our weekly events from special writopreneurs

Learn to be a Freelancer

Get yourself prepared for freeelance writing work

Interactive Sessions

Get access to regular reading writing, and public speaking sessions for writers

Know the Writopreneurs' Community

Learn about the Digital Writopreneurs' mission, vision and values

Recent events

Writing Contests

Organized more than 10 online writing contests with cash prizes in dollars for digital writers to help them become influential copywriters

Comprehensive Training Sessions

Special camera confidence training sessions every week to help you revise grammar and vocabulary skills which eventually help you to crack content writer's job interviews

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"I am very lucky as I got a chance to be a part of this community"

Hello friends, I am Preeti Shah, a freelance forensic graphologist, and content writer. My dream was to become a pro content writer and establish my writer's brand. Fortunately, a few months ago, I watched a live editing session on Facebook by Rajinder Soni sir and immediately enrolled in the Advanced Write and Earn program. Then under his expert guidance, I received highly valuable training. I learned how to write quality articles consistently and developed my Google authority. I won the first prize in the writing contest and got the opportunity to work as a freelance writer for his blog. I feel very happy to be a part of this super engaging community. My dependency on grammar software usage has reduced a lot and I am able to proofread my articles myself. Rajinder sir connected me with several clients. I also started my blog and grew my network under his guidance. So if you want to learn the secrets of becoming a highly paid professional content writer, I highly recommend you to join Digital Writopreneurs Hub.

- Preeti Shah

"I was able to bag a 100-dollar cash prize in the Digital Writopreneurs Writing Contest"

My name is Avyukth Krishna and I am a student from Bangalore. I have been writing for school magazines since the age of 13. So I was not sure of how much value I would receive. But the in-depth knowledge provided in this community blew my mind. The community is not just restricted to improving writing skills but is also focusing on "creating your own personal brand as a writer" which helps us in attracting high-paying clients, coming out of your writer‘s block, generating traffic on our articles through various social media platforms, etc. But the knowledge provided in this community transformed me from a writer to a writopreneur. I am connected with an amazing community of positive and inspiring individuals. I have also learnt various self motivational techniques that have not just made me a better writer, but a better person as well. Most importantly, I have found a role model and a teacher who is willing to guide me throughout my writing career.

- Avyukth Krishna

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  • Become client ready
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

You can click on Join community, you will be redirected to the registration page. Please fill in your details and pay for the membership. Our community manager, would get in touch with you if there is any issues.

What type of courses you offer?

We have a special Digital Writopreneurs Model Course and certification program that we are offering to aspiring full-time or part-time freelance content writers. The modules include but are not limited to:

1. Freelance content writer's brand building.

2. Online portfolio building to showcase your to-the-point and strategic content in front of clients (samples).

3. Development of Google Authority for freelance content writers.

4. Live editing and developmental writing training.

5. Grammar training.

6. Mindset and goal setting for freelance content writers.

7. Essential software training (grammar, spelling and plagiarism checker).

8. Graphics training for freelance content writers (clients pay you extra money for this, if needed).

9. We also take classes on weekends to give you personalized training in small groups and batches.

I am looking to become a part-time freelance content writer. How your training will help me?

If you want to become a freelance content writer, then you have come to the right place. At DW Hub, not only you you will learn how to write professional quality articles for freelance writing clients but you will also get assistance in connecting with potential verified companies who are happy to pay you for your work.

What are the benefits of the membership?

-You get to interact with fellow aspiring writers. Hence you could make English language buddies.

-Get access to regular practice sessions on writing and public speaking. Attend informative sessions on professional writing techniques.

-Understand the nuances of writing through the content available on the community.-

-Clarify your doubts related to professional writing

-Get regular updates about client connnections, DW writing contests, comment writing contests to make your learning fun.

-Connect with positive and like-minded writers who are open to new ways of learning via interaction and guidance.

I want to know more about the Digital Writopreneurs Hub and Academy, New Delhi

Digital Writopreneurs Hub is a writer's ecosystem which was established in 2019. The hub comprises more than 600 aspiring writers who have received innovative training to excel in the fields of writing and digital marketing industry.

Is it free?

To ensure seriousness and provide a sense of exclusivity to the members, we charge a nominal fee for the membership which is INR 99 for 1 month, INR 199 for 3 months and INR 349 for 6 months.